About Us

About Us

Who are ToyStar?

We want every child to have the same fun playing with our toys as we have making them. That’s why our exclusive toys are designed with superb quality, safety and affordability in mind.

We are a business who focus on developing affordable quality toys which are fun for kids to play. We work in a happy environment to deliver a happy service. From browsing our website to making your order, we aim to make your shopping experience truly memorable.

Here are our top reasons why we think you should shop with ToyStar:

  • Same day dispatch: The sooner your child receives their toy, the sooner they can play with it.
  • Express Delivery: Perfect if you’re after a last-minute present for a child’s special day.
  • Free delivery for orders over £40: It isn’t just the cost of toys that you have to consider, but the price of postage too.
  • Enhanced content: Easily identify whether a toy is suitable for your child and their age group, whilst also reading about the cognitive benefits of toys for growing kids.
  • Industry knowledge: We have a vast knowledge of the toy industry thanks to a wealth of expert sources.
  • Customer service: Our customer service team are always happy to answer any questions or you may have about our toys and games. The team are on hand from 8am-5pm, Monday to Friday, excluding Bank Holidays.

To read find out more about ToyStar and our fantastic product range visit our website now.