Keeping Kids Active In The Garden

When the sun is shining, children love nothing better than being outdoors and keeping active. And let’s be honest, as parents, we kind of love it too.

Not only does active play strengthen their bones and muscles, but it releases energy and tires them out, so they’re not bouncing off the walls and driving us crazy.

Of course, it’s not always possible to take them down the park for a change of scenery. If you’re staying in all weekend to potter about in the garden or host a barbecue for friends, you need to find other ways to keep them active and entertained.

If you’re searching for suggestions, you’ve come to the right place. Here are three of the best products we sell to keep them active in the garden.

Balance Bikes

Balance bikes are fantastic fun for younger children aged 2-5 years old.

Unlike a normal bike, they don’t have any tricky pedals. Instead, they have a low-lying seat which allows your child to stretch their feet to the floor and safely walk, run or scoot the bike along.

As your child moves the bike along, it works the stabiliser muscles in their legs to build their balance and coordination. Being able to move along without mum or dad propping them up also promotes independent play and helps to boost their confidence.

Although a balance bike is perfect for the park, there’s no reason your child shouldn’t be able to ride it in the garden – providing your lawn or patio isn’t too bumpy. Because our balance bikes have foam wheels, they can be a little unsteady on uneven ground.

If you’re wondering whether stabilisers are a better option for your child, check out our comprehensive guide on Balance Bikes vs Stabilisers.

Moving Football Goal

With the Euros postponed until next season, why not bring football home? Our moving football goal is great fun for footy fans aged 6 to 10 years old who dream of being the next Robert Lewandowski.

Like any football goal, budding young strikers can practise their shooting skills by blasting balls into the back of the net. But there’s a big, big catch.

Switch the goal on and it automatically moves from side to side, making it more challenging for your child to hit the target. When they do hit the back of the net, it plays cool stadium sound effects, so they feel like they’ve just scored the winning goal at Wembley.

Because the goal moves on hidden wheels, it should only be used if you have a flat patio or decking area. If you attempt to use it on grass, there’s a possibility it could get stuck.

Three miniature footballs and an inflation pump are included with the goal, but it does require batteries. The goal measures 52cm from post to post, making it ideal for smaller gardens.

Our moving football goal isn’t the only product we sell for soccer crazy kids. We also stock a range of indoor football tables, including a smaller table for younger players.

Basketball & Netball

There’s a good reason basketball and netball players are blessed with amazing strength, speed and agility. Running, dribbling, jumping and shooting baskets is a complete body workout which helps to build better balance and coordination.

Better still, both sports are fun to play and accessible to all ages. Yep, even mum and dad.

Our Junior Basketball Stand is perfect for younger children aged 6 years and over. It features a rust-resistant steel post with a backboard, hoop and net. The post is height-adjustable to 7-feet tall, so your child can continue to shoot baskets as they grow bigger and their ability improves.

If you don’t have space in your garden for a basketball stand, our wall-mountable basketball backboard can be easily mounted to an outdoor wall to transform the smallest driveway or patio into a pint-sized basketball court.

Our netball stands are ideal for older children. They’re adjustable from 8-feet to 10-feet tall and have are made from rust-resistant tubular steel with a base, hoop and net. We stock a variety of designs and style, including a professional netball stand for serious players.

If you’re wondering which basketball or netball stand is the best choice for your child, check out our comprehensive guides on choosing a netball stand and choosing a basketball stand.

Table Tennis Air

Let’s be honest, table tennis isn’t the easiest of sports for kids. Sure, it looks fun, but trying to hit such a small ball with a such a tiny bat is like trying to swat a fly with a 5p coin.

Table Tennis Air is a different ball game altogether. Instead of a solid tabletop, the game is played with a bouncy high-tension net. It’s also played with an inflatable ball rather than a ping pong ball. When the ball hits the net, it bounces unpredictably for some super zany fun.

If your child isn’t keen on playing table tennis, they can ditch the bats and use the larger ball for a game of volleyball. Both sports are an excellent way for them to work their arms and legs, as well as improve their agility and hand-eye coordination.

The game is easy to assemble and store away with push together poles and interchangeable feet. Use ground stakes to secure it to a lawn or flat feet to play on a patio or decking.

We hope our blog has given you some ideas on how to keep kids active in the garden. If you’re searching for other toys, games and inspiration, visit the Toy-Star website today.