Fun Winter Activities For Kids

With the temperature teetering on zero and the first frost setting in, finding fun things to do with kids can be a big, big challenge.

During the summer, they’re happy to play outside in the sunshine, learning how to ride a bike or making dens in the back garden. During the long, cold winter, they’d rather be wrapped up in the warm, playing with their toys or watching cartoons on the telly.

The problem is that active play is important for children all year round. Without regular activity, their brains, bones and muscles won’t develop as they should do.

So, how can you encourage them to drop their toys, peel their eyes off their screens and stay active over the winter? ToyStar reveals all.

Try Something New

Leaving the house doesn’t have to mean brrrrraving the cold.

There are lots of indoor activities that combine having fun with keeping active. If they’re activities children haven’t done before, all the better. There’s nothing more exciting than trying something new and it could inspire a lifelong interest.

Learning to ice skate, bowling their first strike or splashing around in a swimming pool are just a few examples of the fun things you can do.

Brave The Cold

Yes, it’s cold outside, but you can’t stay indoors forever. Fresh air and a good walk are important for children, even when it’s frosty.

If you’re stuck on things to do outdoors, why not wrap the kids up warm and take a trip to the nearest nature reserve or woodland?

Believe it or not, hedgehogs, bats and the humble dormouse are the only mammals that hibernate over the winter, making it a super time for nature spotting. Unlike the summer, there’s very little foliage to keep animals hidden, meaning there’s a lot of wildlife for kids to see.

Keep an eye out for paw prints in the ground, birds searching for food, and a surprising abundance of winter foliage, including snowdrops and mistletoe.

Get Creative

Doing arts and crafts with children is a fun way to get their creative juices flowing and what better time for it than Christmas?

Sitting down to make homemade decorations is a great way to curb their excitement and control their impatience as they eagerly await the big day to arrive. It’s also lots and lots of fun.

From toilet tube Christmas crackers to paper snowflakes, there are all sorts of decorations kids can make to festoon your home over the festive season.

Food, Glorious Food

Few things are as warming as staying indoors and baking with the kids.

Children love baking snowman cupcakes or homemade mince pies because it creates a lot of mess. Plus, there are tasty treats in store at the end of it – ones they’ve helped to make with their own fair hands and fingers.

Learning how to measure flour, crack an egg and mix ingredients together is also a fun way for kids to improve their fine motor skills and cognitive ability.

So, what are you waiting for? Roll your sleeves up, grab your apron and get baking!

We hope we’ve given you some good ideas on how to entertain the kids this winter. Visit the ToyStar website to view our full range of toys and games.