The Benefits Of Independent Play

Group play with other children is an important part of your child’s early development. But, just like grown-ups, it’s important to have their own space too.

Giving them the freedom to play independently, without their friends taking the lead and without you hovering over them, benefits your child in a number of ways.

Fosters Independence

Forget about your child clinging to your leg when you drop them off at the nursery or school gate.

Allowing them to explore their own ideas, through independent play, will help them become more comfortable and confident in their own abilities and less dependent on you.

Encourages Creativity

Sure, group play is fun for kids, but sometimes they just want to play on their own, pretending they’re racing driver, creating a tea party for their dolls or playing tunes on a toy instrument.

Playing out their own stories and adventures fosters their creativity and imagination, both of which are key developmental skills.

Keeps Them Calm

Children seem to have boundless energy when they’re playing with their friends. But as parents, we know that’s not the case.

Social play tires children out both physically and mentally. That’s why it’s important for them to have some downtime too.

Playing on their own and losing themselves in their own little world is a perfect opportunity to bring some much-needed tranquillity to their day and recharge their batteries.

Gives You More Me Time

Let’s be honest, being a parent is tiring work.

Once children learn to play independently, it gives you time to get things done with minimal interruption. Whether it’s cleaning dishes, hanging the washing or changing the bin.

By getting jobs done throughout the day, you’ll have more time in the evening to sit down. Put your feet up and actually enjoy a cup of tea. Ah, bliss.

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