Budget Halloween Costume Ideas For Kids

Dressing up in crazy costumes, scaring people stiff and eating their own body weight in sweets. You don’t need Professor Brian Cox to tell you why children love Halloween.

If you’re struggling to find an outfit for your child, why not make one? We’ve got some fang-tastic ideas that are fun to do and won’t cost you a skeleton’s arm and a zombie’s leg.

Spooky Spider

Give arachnophobes a scare with this spooky spider costume.

Stuff some black tights with rolled up newspaper to create the spider legs, then sew them onto a black top. For a creepy finish, attach some googly eyes to a black beanie hat. Spooky!


Budding spies will love this super-cool costume.

Dress your child completely in black with a pair of black shades. Pop a pair of earphones in their ears and tuck the cable into their top to create an imaginary spy communication device.

Finally, arm them with one of our Laser Combat X-2000 Laser Guns.

Once Halloween is over, they can use the guns to play laser tag with their friends. Awesome!


Looking for the mother of all Halloween costumes? Well look no further.

Simply dress your child in a white top and leggings, then wrap bandages around them and secure them in place. Just make sure you leave peepholes for them to see out of.


Why spread fear when you can spread some magic?

This enchanting costume is perfect for unicorn fans.

Dress them up in the most colourful combination of clothing you can find. Think pretty pink and sparkly rainbow colours.

Cut a unicorn horn and a pair of ears out of card, decorate them with coloured marker pens and then sprinkle them with glitter.

Glue them to a headband and voila, you’ve got yourself a magical unicorn.


Kids will find this zombie costume frighteningly fun to make.

First, make some fake blood by mixing four-parts tomato puree with one-part water. If it’s too thick, add a little more water. Pour it into an empty washing up bottle and put it to one side.

Get some old trousers and an old jumper and put some holes in them. Dress your child up in the clothes, stand them on a towel and then squirt the fake blood so it drips down their chest.

Finally, apply some face paint so it looks like they’ve been eating the next neighbours. Gross!


If your child dreams of being a doctor, this costume is the perfect prescription.

All you need is a white shirt, some black trousers and our Baby Love Holly Doll. The doll comes with lots of fun play accessories which are perfect for junior doctors, including a stethoscope to wear around their neck and a toy syringe to pop in their shirt pocket.

James Bond

Forget about trick or treat, this costume is all about shaken or stirred.

Dress your child up in a makeshift suit and a pair of shades, before slicking their hair back with hair gel. Very suave.

Bond wouldn’t be Bond without a seriously cool car, so finish the costume off with our RideStar Bentley Continental Ride-On Car.

We hope our costume ideas have inspired you to get into the spirit of Halloween. If you’ve enjoyed our post, why not read our blog on Benefits of Pretend Play in Early Childhood