Toy Safety Tips For Infants

Playing with toys has its risk, but that doesn’t mean you should wrap your child up in cotton wool. It’s important that they’re given the freedom to play independently in order to learn and develop. Our experts reveal their top safety tips to reduce the risk of accidents occurring.

Keep An Eye Out

Supervision is essential when children are playing with toys, especially toys that are designed for tots and toddlers. Whilst older children are more aware of the possible dangers, younger children will think nothing of driving their ride-on car into a wall.

Check For Damage

Always give toys a quick once over before your child plays with them. Children love to stick things in their mouths and if a toy is broken or has sharp parts, it could cause an injury. If you discover a damaged toy, make sure you dispose of it safely.


Ensure Its Age Appropriate

Make sure the toy you’re buying is age appropriate for your child. Little Janey might like the look of our laser blasters, but they’re hardly suitable for a three-year-old to play with.

Buy From A Trusted Seller

Always buy toys from a reliable source. It might be cheaper to buy them at a car boot sale, but they could be broken, toxic or flammable. Buying a toy from a reputable seller, such as ToyStar, will ensure that it’s perfectly safe for your child to play with.

Ride On Cards

Don’t Mix Batteries

If a toy takes batteries, make sure you don’t mix old ones with new ones. This could cause the older batteries to overheat and lead to a malfunction. The last thing you want is for a remote-control car to lose control and chase your child around the room.

Always Tidy Up

Always tidy toys away once your child has finished playing with them or they could pose a trip hazard. They could also cause an injury if you stand on them. Encourage kids to help you pack them away so they’re learning a valuable life skill in the process.

Every toy sold by ToyStar is rigorously safety tested to ensure it’s safe for your child to play with. Providing you adhere to the suggested safety advice and take the necessary precautions when your child is playing, there’s no reason they should encounter any danger at all.


We hope you’ve found our advice helpful. If you’re thinking of treating your child to a toy, why not check out the full range at ToyStar. You won’t be disappointed!