Netball Post Buying Guide

Interested in buying a netball post, but unsure where to start?

Whether it’s for a child interested in taking up the sport or a player who wants to improve their shooting skills, there are lots of important things to consider. Thankfully, our experts are here to help with answers to some of the most FAQs we receive from first-time buyers.

How high should a netball post be?

The regulation height for a netball stand is 10′ tall (3.05m). Whilst perfect for teenagers and older players, it’s a tad too high for younger players who don’t quite have the reach.

Players aged between 9 and 11 years old should opt for a post that measures 9′ tall (2.75m) whilst the optimum height for younger players is 8′ tall (2.44m) or smaller.

All our netball stands are height-adjustable from 8′ to 10′ tall which makes them perfect for every age group. As well as being ideal for fast-growing kids, they’re great for experienced players.

You can also raise or lower the height depending on your ability. If you’re new to the sport, start with the stand at a lower height so it’s easier to shoot. As your technique improves, you can raise it to create a bigger challenge.

What is the diameter of a netball ring?

Regulation netball rings should have an internal diameter of 15″. Again, all of our netball hoops are designed to a regulation size, making them suitable for competitive play and formal games.

Should a netball stand be freestanding or socketed?

if you need to move it around so you can use the space for other sports, a portable netball stand is a perfect option. Some stands even come with a wheeled base to easily tilt and move from one area to another.
Despite being lightweight and portable, all of our netball stands have a base that can be weighted using sand or water. If you intend to leave the stand in one place, this eliminates the need to secure it to the ground.

What materials should a netball post be made of?

Unless it’s for a large sports hall, it’s likely your netball stand will be used outside. As a result, it needs to be durable and rust-resistant to protect it from the elements and withstand the rigours of outdoor use.

All our netball stands are made from heavy-duty steel which is powder-coated for rust-resistance. This allows you to leave them outside in all weather conditions.

If you have further questions about any of our netball stands, feel free to contact our dedicated customer service team. They’re always happy help.

We hope you enjoyed our blog, why not check out our range of netball stands here.

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