Benefits Of Pretend Play In Early Childhood

If your child gets muddy footprints all over the sofa, think twice before you tell them off. For all you know, they might have been pretending it was a Viking longship or a fire breathing dragon.

Studies have shown that there’s a strong connection between imaginative play and cognitive ability.

Children with a strong imagination tend to perform well at school because pretend play encourages creativity and helps them to develop confidence, problem solving and communication skills.

In other words, pretending they’re an elephant or astronaut is doing them the world of good.

Encourage Imaginative Play

Setting up a fancy-dress box is a great way encourage imaginative play. There’s no need to splash the cash, even a cardboard box will do. Simply give it a lick of paint and it’s good to go.

Once you’ve set up a fancy-dress box, fill it with clothes which your child can mix and match to transform themselves into anything they imagine. Props are also great for acting out stories and pretending they’re a character, such as a nurse, fireman or alien from the planet Zog.

Our experts have compiled a list of some of the props we sell to encourage imaginative play.


Does your child dream of being a famous popstar, travelling the world and singing in front of thousands of people? Then they’ll love putting on a pop show with our karaoke microphone.

Racing Driver

Live life in the fast lane with our foot-to-floor ride-on cars. Fully licensed by the likes of Bentley and Mercedes, they’re a fun way for little ones to explore their surroundings.


Our Baby Love dolls are perfect for playing parent and pretending to be a grown-up. Baby Olivia wets herself and Baby Holly acts unwell, making them realistic for children to play with.

Space Explorer

Fast forward to the future and battle enemy hordes with our Laser Combat laser guns. The futuristic laser tag game allows players to battle it out with an infinite number of friends.

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