The Benefits Of Bouncy Hoppers For Kids

Space hoppers have come a long way since the 1970s.

Whilst fun and exciting to bounce around on, they’ve always been a bit too wobbly and unstable for children under the age of 4. That’s where bouncy animal hoppers come in.

Instead of looking like a gigantic boiled egg, these inflatable hoppers are designed to resemble four-legged animals and are small enough for toddlers to independently climb on board. Their sturdy feet stop them from rolling around like a traditional hopper, promoting safer play.

They also have ears or horns for little ones to safely hold onto, providing greater stability as they bounce and hop around.

What’s more, they have some fantastic health and learning benefits.

Balance Control

Sure, animal hoppers are a lot more stable than their space-age cousin, but children still have to use their balance to ensure they keep hopping on all four feet.

Physical Development

Regular hopping is great for strengthening your child’s leg muscles and core as they bounce from room to room. Boing, boing, boing!

Imaginative Play

With their cute animal designs, they’re perfect for inspiring imaginative play. Little ones will have fantastic fun pretending their racing a horse or riding a unicorn into an enchanting wonderland.


Children under 4 are unlikely to have played with something so big before – let alone sat on it! Learning to hop on it is great for building up their confidence.


Little ones will need to concentrate as they hop around to avoid banging into obstacles or friends who they’re racing on their own bouncy hoppers.

Not only all of that but most importantly, they’re great fun for children! We hope you enjoyed our blog as much as we enjoyed writing it.

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